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Have you ever felt you were not enough?  Not worthy? Insignificant? 


Do you want to see what else life has to offer for your future?


Would you like to set free your potential that has been held down all these years?


Do you want to break free from the stigma that society or yourself has put on you?


​Would you like to move toward the being the amazing person you were born to be, 

before the "stuff" of life happened?


I am facilitating a community of 

people just like you.  

People that want more.  

Individuals that want to explore who they were born to be.

Together we will Connect, Explore and Move forward with a new way of being.

Join me for group sessions where you can connect and honor yourself.  We will explore what brings you Balance, Peace and Fulfillment.  You can Create the Freedom to move to that life you were born to experience.

 Using a NEW technique, the Muse Method, you will get in touch with the part of you that has been silenced.  


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here is a little about me

Hello!  I am Claudia Johnson and I am so happy to share with you.

My family has settled in Kentucky after many moves over the years.  I am married to my rock, Gary.  We have raised our two children, Jake and Sam here and are looking forward to watching them continue to grow and explore their world as adults now.  I do have to mention my two devoted companions, The Tuna Brothers, Blue and Finn. (get it "BlueFinn Tuna", ha ha). 

 I have several roles in my life and they all focus on helping people grow into the person they were born to be and laugh a lot along the way.  My life has led me to become a Certified Art of Being Group Facilitator.  Now I will explain what that is and how it all came about.


I was at the end of my second battle with cancer. It was in a dark time in my life and needed to find a way to move out of this.   I was so over it!  I was saying to myself:  

"why me?" "I cannot handle another thing!"

"I am worthless after doing nothing for so long." 

"I need to live for my family, but how?"


My friend Debbie had many times suggested that I talk to a person that had helped her.  Finally, I listened.  I had an introductory session with Tara McCallam, the creator of The Art of Being.  I was open to change and ready for it.  That day I learned a new modality, the Muse Method.  The Muse is your Unique Self Expression and I had zero going into this!  The Muse Method has now become a part of my everyday life.  It has allowed me to break out of the "cancer doldrums" and integrate my past into my life in a healthy way.  The Muse fuels your inner being.  It has brought me back to desiring to be who I was born to be.  I found a way forward with the Muse Method and The Art of Being individual and group coaching. 

I was then empowered to move forward.  I had created a Safe Space to listen to my Inner Being, my Muse.  I knew that who I was born to be had been silenced by me, the world and cancer!  My life changed right away as a byproduct of the Muse Method.

 I continue to further my skills daily and I can work from a place of wholeness to bless my family, friends and all the people I work with. 


Times have changed! Now I say:  "I have so much to live for"  

"I have balance in my life and a sense of fulfillment I did not have before." 

"I live from a place of wholeness." 

"How can I use this gift to bless others?"


Now it is my joy to share The Muse Method with people every day.  The Art of Being Groups empower people to move to a place of honoring themself.  From a place of wholeness they can embrace challenges, both big and small.  Those things in life that cause you distress, anxiety, illness...etc can be integrated into the

 life you were born to live.


I take great pride in the progress and success of clients who follow the Art of Being program. I am grateful every day for The Art of Being and the Muse Method and how it has enhanced my life and brought Balance to my world.  I can't wait to share with you.  So let's find out if this is a fit for you!

I look forward to facilitating your path to wholeness.  


If any of this resonates with you, please feel free to reach out for more information OR sign up for a free consultation below.  


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"Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.  Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. 

--Howard Thurman

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